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Greater efficiency and convenience during testing and engineering processes

Business white paper

The process of developing and testing new vehicle functions is a complex one involving many aspects and actors. The appropriate measuring instruments, the vehicles, and the availability of calibration engineers, test drivers, and data analysts all need to be coordinated. A common development platform for remote access to the measurement infrastructure and vehicle software enables more efficient engineering and testing processes without interruptions and reduces the need for the people involved to travel. Convenient, direct access to the measuring instruments and vehicle computers is provided via a web interface. The one-stop remote access solution consisting of software, hardware, a SIM card, a data plan, and a file management system as well as valuable add-ons, like a fleet management system and data analytics, is easy to use and ready for fast deployment.

About the whitepaper

Find out

- how testing, calibration, and evaluation processes can be accelerated thanks to remote vehicle access

- how collaboration between experts located at company sites and test engineers at the test centers and on the test track can be optimized

- what economic and resource-related benefits can be achieved through remote access

The white paper is intended for business managers responsible for

- vehicle development

- measurement infrastructure and the test vehicle fleet

- innovation and digital transformation

- quality assurance

at automotive industry OEMs and engineering service providers.

White paper of Bosch Engineering GmbH, hosted by Bosch.IO GmbH

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