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Cloud-based Data Analysis

“I see something, you do not see."

With the analysis app Cloud-based Data Analysis (CDA) it is possible to search large amounts of existing measurement files for specific data. To find the desired data, exact measurement scenarios are defined. The obtained data can now be evaluated and converted into statistics.

Thus, they can be viewed from a different perspective and an objective picture of the measurement situation is given. Cloud-based Data Analysis thus provides handy and easily understandable files that are suitable for deeper analysis or presentations.

Have you ever evaluated two petabytes resp. 2,000 terabytes resp. 2,000,000 gigabyte so 2,000,000,000 megabyte or quasi the content of 1.38 billion diskettes? CDA has.

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Use cases

  • Fast data analysis immediately after recording
  • Support in the preparation of test reports
  • Searching older measurements for new problems
  • Objective statistics, for example for risk assessments

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Fields of application

CDA optimizes your work in many areas:

  • Calibration
  • Function developer
  • Tester
  • Functional Security
  • Project management
  • Customers

Customer benefits

Time and money savings through reuse of measurements

Objective evaluation of measurements and changes during development

Quick and easy preparation of measurements for presentations


Measurement data

Measurement data in the file types: *.asc, *.blf, *.d97, *.mdf, *.mf4, *.dat (INCA)

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