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Remote Vehicle Access & FileSync

"Faraway but efficient."

Remote Vehicle Access is a digital service that has been specifically designed for vehicle testing applications. It is a professional end-to-end system solution for enabling a full-access remote connection to a test vehicle that not only allows data to be read but also to be flashed to. The desktop content of the Car PC is sent to the office computer via the connectivity gateway and a 4G data connection. This gives the test engineers remote access to the application parameters of the respective vehicle function, enabling them to change the parameters as needed and directly view the effects on the measurement data regardless of where the vehicle is located.

In addition, file synchronization provides the option to synchronize the data between the Car PC and Calponia.

Remote Vehicle Access is especially valuable for complex diagnostics and calibration tasks that require the expertise from various experts in different areas.

Using RVA for calibration we can now see performance improvements in our cars in a matter of days that took us several months in the past.

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Use cases

  • Remote support on a test drive by a function expert
  • Availability of measurement data during the test drive
  • Relief of the test driver during exhausting test drives through data analysis outside the vehicle
  • Support from experts for local problems Support for OEMs with minor system problems to avoid a local presence

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Fields of application

  • Remote calibration
  • Software flashing/ measurement monitoring
  • Application
  • Functional development
  • Endurance run support
  • Test drive supervision
  • Test vehicle accoutrements

Customer benefits

Increasing speed

  • Fast problem solving with experts remotely at any time
  • Direct acces to measurement data
  • Faster iterations in your development project

Saving costs

  • Less travel and flight expenses
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Reduce prototypes by parallel testing


  • Better vehicle utilization
  • Better work split: focus on expertise
  • More efficient use of measurement equipment


  • No physical access to vehicle necessary
  • Plug-n-play installation and intuitive handling
  • Easy monitoring and quick check


Car PC

  • Temporary admin rights for the installation
  • Installation of Ultra VNC
  • Ethernet Port or USB

IoT Gateway

  • LTE connection
  • electrical power supply 12V
  • data plan
  • Ethernet connection to Car PC

Product packages

There are two different packages for this service, they differ in whether a device kit (e.g. IoT Gateway and SIM card) is provided or not. Both packages include a one-time setup of the services, the provision of the cloud and the support.

Option 1 - Base service solution

  • Project storage space: 2 GB
  • Device & SIM card is provided by the customer

Price on request

Option 2 - All-in-one system solution

  • Project storage space : 2 GB
  • Device and SIM card (2 GB per month) is provided by Bosch Engineering

Price on request



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