Test Center Resource Planning overview

Test Center Resource Planning

"Plan and book your test resources"

With the Test Center Resource Planning Tool (TCRP), it is possible to announce tests on various test benches (e.g. engine test beds, fuel cells, etc.) in advance, then schedule them by the test bench operator and finally book them. For each test status change, such as an approval for a test, you will be informed via email and receive the corresponding calendar dates. In addition, TCRP provides an overview of the available test benches, their set-up and the installed equipment. For a quick overview of the tests, graphics can also be created, e.g. on utilisation, budget, etc.

Vehicle at an exhaust emission test bench

Use cases

  • Planning and prioritization of tests
  • Booking of tests e.g. for engine test beds
  • Access to and overview of test resources and their capabilities (e.g. technical data, measurement technology)
  • Billing of tests via export of test charges as CSV
  • Creation of generic statistics and graphics, e.g. for controlling the test benches or tracking projects

vehicle at a test bench

Fields of application

  • Application
  • Test bench area

Customer benefits

Time saving through automated settlement

Transparency regarding test bench occupancy

Easier and faster prioritization of tests

One-click overview of test bench capabilities

Overview of the customer's scheduled tests


For the operator

  • The link to the tool

For the customer

  • Test benches which are integrated by their operator

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