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Remote access for greater efficiency in vehicle testing

Technical white paper

Remote access to vehicle software provides many benefits and opportunities for increasing efficiency in engineering processes. Measurements, diagnostics, and software flashing can be performed remotely without having to interrupt testing. Modern technology enables automated workflows, makes it possible for different teams to share and use the generated data, and allows seamless integration in existing tool environments. Development engineers, test drivers, and data analysts all benefit from a common platform particularly when it comes to long-term testing. The entire team is able to access measuring instruments and vehicle computers directly and conveniently via a web interface. During testing involving large volumes of data (e.g., for automated driving), the remote vehicle access feature ensures at an early stage that the correct data is processed. High security standards are absolutely essential here.

About the whitepaper

Find out

- how demonstrator vehicles can be accessed remotely using remote vehicle access

- how remote vehicle access simplifies the day-to-day work of test engineers, development engineers, and performance engineers

- how remote access can be deployed in particular for complex diagnostics and calibration tasks

- which security standards come into play

The white paper is intended for experts in

- measurement infrastructure

- vehicle development

- hardware development

- application and software development

- performance engineering

at automotive industry OEMs and engineering service providers.

White paper of Bosch Engineering GmbH, hosted by Bosch.IO GmbH

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