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Remote vehicle access – how to speed up and simplify your testing and engineering processes

On-demand webinar

Remote access to the measurement infrastructure during test drives and to the vehicle software during application engineering helps to avoid inefficiencies in the complex process of vehicle function development. The entire team is able to access measuring instruments and vehicle computers directly and conveniently via a web interface. How do you, as a technical manager or business manager, identify how you can optimize processes in, for example, long-term testing ?

During our webinar, our experts will present the remote vehicle access service from Bosch and will share their experiences from a wide variety of customer projects. They will show what capabilities the service offers in practical use, how it helps you to deploy experts optimally, and how it enables you to utilize the measurement infrastructure and test vehicle fleet with a high level of convenience and in the best way possible.

About the on-demand webinar

Find out

- how quickly and easily you can make remote vehicle access work for you

- what benefits there are for the different user groups

- what economic benefits can be achieved

- what users have to say about remote vehicle access

Key data

45 minutes + 15 minutes for questions and answers

German: November 30, 2021 at 09:00am CET

English: December 2, 2021 at 04:00pm CET

This webinar of Bosch Engineering GmbH is hosted by Bosch.IO GmbH.

The on-demand webinar is intended for both technical experts and business managers responsible for

- vehicle development

- measurement infrastructure and the test vehicle fleet

- innovation and digital transformation

- quality assurance

- hardware and application development

- performance engineering at automotive industry OEMs and engineering service providers.

On-demand Webinar of Bosch Engineering GmbH, hosted by Bosch.IO GmbH

Our expert speakers

get to know them:

  • Martin Birk

    Martin Birk

    Product Manager Bosch Cloud Services, Bosch Engineering
    • Martin Birk has over 6 years of experience with connected systems in vehicle development and has been a member of the cloud services team at Bosch Engineering since 2019. As a product manager for Bosch’s online services for engineering projects, he is responsible for strategic further development. In addition, he supports customers from technology selection to solution implementation.
  • Jochen Reichert

    Jochen Reichert

    Business Development and Sales, Bosch Cloud Services, Bosch Engineering
    • Jochen Reichert is responsible for sales activities in the context of Bosch cloud services and brings experience from various IT and cloud-service companies. In the Bosch cloud services team at Bosch Engineering, he is the main contact for technical managers and business managers and puts together and implements optimal solution packages for them.

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